And we know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

Who is Jayne Doe?

Jayne is a Christian Content Creator, Speaker, Christian Education Program Coordinator, and Worship Leader  with a passion for Christ. In a time where Christianity is not celebrated or even considered to be relevant in today’s society, the importance of implementing a firm foundation in the lives of our youth is at an all-time high. With the emergence of technology, social media and all the many distractions of today, the Christian Faith has been swept under the rug. No longer is it culturally acceptable to mention the name of Jesus without it being labelled as offensive. After rededicating her life to Christ in 2016, Jayne’s passion for her faith grew, and she soon became aware of the void in the Christian education curriculum. Educating. Empowering. Encouraging. This is Jayne’s mission statement and the basis for her business. Jayne is determined to break barriers and provide a platform that will allow the nations to hear and spread the uncompromised gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2017, Jayne began conducting informal research on young people and their connection to God. Through speaking with young adults within her Church, Jayne interviewed a young woman who had recently graduated from a local Christian High school. Now attending University, she expressed her struggles in transitioning from what she called, “living in a Christian bubble,” to stepping into the real world. She felt ill-equipped to navigate this transition, as it was not something her school had prepared her for. Alongside this experience, Jayne encountered similar stories shared through other students of the church. It became evident that there was a void in the school curriculum and the way in which it was being delivered. Jayne became determined to find a better way to teach the Gospel that was more engaging, relevant & relational to students. She began developing a program aimed at reaching the youth, with a goal of offering her services to schools and youth groups that welcomed the teachings of the gospel.

In January of 2017, Jayne began to share her journey on her YouTube channel after re-dedicating her life to Christ, 6 months prior. As her hunger to learn more about the gospel grew, she looked for ways in which she could implement its teachings into her everyday life. Jayne joined a powerful bible study at Cornerstone Christian Church of God that helped provide that knowledge.  She later enrolled in both Basic & Advanced Leadership courses offered at Cornerstone to further develop her leadership skills and adopt the biblical principles that would enable her to take on a new assignment for the Lord. With her newfound understanding, Jayne became more confident in her walk and began to recognise the results of applying what she had learned. This was a gift she felt she had to share with the world.

Jayne re-vamped her YouTube channel by creating content that taught the gospel in a unique and innovative way. Her honesty, authenticity and charisma allowed her to grow a following as she relayed the challenges of her daily life and applied teachings based on the word of the Lord.

Jayne’s style of teaching is very unique to who she is. Drawing from her experiences as a singer/entertainer, she combines that energy with gospel teachings to create, educate, share and invite open discussion. Jayne’s secondary mission is to provide a platform for Christians from every walk of life to share their experiences, struggles and testimonies in an effort to bring the church back to the forefront of our existence.