“Real Talk” Empowered by Girl Code – The Movement

“True life change happens in small communities”

Following the launch of the faith-based program Girl Code – The Movement, Jayne has been lead to extend this powerful movement into the scholastic community.  “Real Talk” is a student lead program that is designed to build a community of young women that aim to resolve the many challenges that adolescent women encounter. “Real Talk” topics will be the discussion points for the monthly meetings that will be held on campus.  Students are encouraged to express their opinions and suggestions surrounding monthly topics to develop the right tools to implement change within their generation.

As a guest speaker, Jayne attends the monthly meetings to facilitate and provide resources to help to direct the discussion points and encourage a safe community for support and innovation.

Interested in starting a “Real Talk” Club in your school?  Register as the admin representative for your school below to receive the next steps as well as the “Real Talk” topic for the month.