Testimony Tuesday

Testimony Tuesday allows Jayne to share her personal journey after re-dedicating her life to Christ. Sharing testimonies of herself and others, the series is an informative and encouraging platform that educates while proudly spreading the gospel.

Scripture of the Slay

This series combines Jayne’s love for all things makeup and beauty while teaching the gospel. Jayne provides a step-by-step makeup tutorial while teaching a lesson for the week, referencing bible scriptures throughout the episode to validate each teaching.

Naija Chat

“Naija” is a slang term that refers to those of Nigerian heritage. This series was initially created to provide a platform for young Nigerian women of the Christian faith to share their journey. The show has now expanded to include all those who wish to share their journey, particularly young people, to allow their voice and opinions to be heard.

Dear Sister Jayne

This series is designed to provide plainly-worded answers to any questions relating to scripture. We encourage questions from those who are on their own journey with Christ. The show provides explanations and offers advice that is strictly based on the word.

Snackable Parables

Jesus often used parables to teach and communicate with both common people as well as the religious leaders. Snackable Parables is a web series that is designed to relay the underlying message that is behind each of these parables.

RAW Worship

RAW Worship is not about showcasing talent or seeking praise and validation. It is an opportunity to be free in the presence of the Lord and worship in spirit and in truth. This is RAW Worship!